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Sunday, July 09, 2006

I'm not counting days anymore, it's annoying: Squirrels in the kitchen

But seriously. I know it's like "enough already with the squirrels" but I came home from tea today (tea everyday at Mummu's at 1 pm, obvie) and the mother squirrel was in our kitchen, looking for the baby (who, if you've been following, we spotted today alive and well). It's like the velocoraptors in Jurassic park: THEY OPEN DOORS!! When they start barfing fatal acid in my face, then I will worry. For now, screaming out of shock seems to drive them back into the wilderness.

Tomorrow I'm going into Turku to check out a handful of restaurants, including a brewery that used to be a boat-sail manufacturer, where my great grandmother worked as a seamstress. Next up: we visit the Virginia site of my American relatives' penal colony!

It's like great grandpa always said, "The glass is only half empty when you're welded into a ball-and-chain with two idiots, hammering a road to nowhere."


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