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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Mediocre Places I Love to Love, Part II (Deluxe Nasty Edition)

This one is not even defensible from a culinary point of view. This one's culinary point of view is a lot like that of a blind vole in a lead vault: it doesn't have one. But Academy Diner, on Lafayette and Fulton, In Fort Greene, Brooklyn, I will eat your stringy omelettes, your oaty sausages, and your steel-knives-of-acid orange juice gladly.

When one of your tiny, hyperagressive waitresses yells my order to the kitchen like a Visigoth farmgirl might scream "RUUUNNNNN!!!" at the approach of thousands of Hittite rapist-warriors, it NEVER. ceases. to scare me.

But maybe that's what I need to wake up.
That or a nightmare.


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