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The sort of secret blog of Beans, a.k.a. Jules, a.k.a. "Legs for Miles" a.k.a. "Rackie the Boob Queen." Fine, ok, not the last two. Starting July 2006, sometimes "Mike," aka "fagadoccio," is a co-poster on the blog. The co-poster child, really.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Score one for Jules

7:00 pm-- I decide to stretch my legs
7:02 pm-- I've assembled my fishing gear; I head to the dock
7:11 pm-- BAM!

I NEVER fish without my Beethoven wig.
7:20 pm-- Dinner

"This white wine sauce is delicious! Oh--Oh I see. I'm dead and you're eating me. Well played, guys! See you never."


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