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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

I look like Charlize Theron... in "Monster"

While Mike sweats through his designer shirts in New York, I am happy to report that our 75-degree heat wave has broken here in Finland! Yes, today was in the 60's, and cloudy-- perfect for fishing.

My uncle finally taught me the correct method for bringing fish ashore or into your boat (thanks for teaching me this TEN YEARS AGO when I started fishing, Dad). It involves looping your rod around just above the water so that while the rod, which is flexible, absorbs the tension from the fish, the fish is simulteneously becoming fatigued from its struggle. Eventually it gets tired, and then you drag it next to the boat and lunge at it with your bare, and in my case, tiny and feeble, hands.

Anyway, the results:

Fresh from the Blue Collar And Also Lesbian Comedy Tour.

Scaling the pike so it can go in the oven.

Thank goodness my uncle is so smart and crafty. Otherwise it would have been another night of diving into the rocks and coming home empty-handed, being forced to eat hot dogs and not deserving a cocktail. I much prefer coming home with fish, because that means you get fish for dinner, and that you are promptly handed a Victory Martini.

One slight mar on this pretty picture: one of the fish had been mauled by a seal. Still edible, no worries there, but-- we caught the fish right here in our bay. I.e. THERE ARE SEALS IN OUR BAY.

Sort of takes the fun out of skinny dipping at midnight.


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