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Saturday, September 30, 2006

A Job for Mike!

The other day I came accross this in one of my readings about 18th century Paris:

"Snippets from the most popular [pamphlets] would be compiled in semi-clandestine nouvelles a la main that supplied their elite subscribers with inside political news and gossip (these were a development from the earlier chasseurs de nouvelles, men employed by wealthy individuals to keep them up to date with the news....)"

CHASSEURS DE NOUVELLES??? Mike, as if your love of talc and irony hadn't spelled it out already, I think we can now safely confirm that you were born 250 years too late. You should be living in an era when you can be an aristocrat's hired mangossip.

As a poor substitute, you can just continue calling me when you see Haley Joel Osment at the Whole Foods, etc.


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