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Friday, September 08, 2006

Oprah's nagging rasputin

Who is this new slack-jawed sidekick of Oprah's? Dr. Robin Smith? I've seen her on a couple of times. This woman makes Dr.Phil look like a..well, a real doctor. Yo, where's that girl Nupur from Spellbound? 'Cause Dr. Robin Smith needs "logorrhea" spelled out for her, hard. Her sentences are 900 minutes long. Even Oprah's guest (abandoned by her husband) who is having her brain extracted and laid out before her in 5th grade psychobabble seems totally and completely bored.

I just caught her say "...the struggle of love that you surround yourself with..."

She reminds me of that type of friend that you go to when you just need to let it all out, but she reverses the flow and fills you with more empty pro-woman fist-pumping than Glorias Gaynor and Steinem combined. SHUT UP AND LISTEN.

"The 'Marriage' part refers to the inequal contract of hatred between man and woman. 'Lies' refers mostly to my doctorate degree."


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