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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

I will sit on your green felt limbs, and crush them

You may recall a few posts ago, that I was "tagged" by Lang Fisher with a questionnaire. I wrote a new questionnaire of my own and sent it to a few people. Mike answered. One of the people I sent my silly questionnaire to was Justin Purnell, the Kermit to my Miss Piggy. I run around shouting blandishments from my throat and trying to sit on him, while he says very dry things and tries to survive the sheer power of my love.

Well, I tagged Justin, and then-- recinded! I was tired of having my pink, woolen Piggy heart crushed.

But I am retagging him now. Justin? Are ya home? Miss you!

P.S. This is the show he hosts at UCB. It's always free and funny. Why not go? I can't think of a reason. Unless you're DEAD.

Someone get this guy a Gatorade!


At 8:14 PM, Blogger Beans said...

WAIT WAIT WAIT. This should really be an "Update" except I'm too lazy to log into my own fucking blog. I just wanted to say, Justin Purnell is actually DYING himself! What BAD timing (in that I tagged him on his deathbed) and what good timing (in that I had this whole "unless you're dead" death theme and then JUSTIN was actually dying.) Life, ya know?

At 6:24 AM, Anonymous Justin said...

bing bong!

I'm alive!


At 10:57 AM, Blogger Beans said...


At 6:34 AM, Anonymous justin said...

he also misses you dearly.


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