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Thursday, August 17, 2006


Wow, am I an idiot? I was checking the ol' Site Meter for the Bruni Digest, and I noticed that Lang had linked to me from her blog, Dirty Old Prom Queen. "Huh," I thought, "wonder what prompted that."

So I checked it out: Lang had "TAGGED" me! That's when you send someone a questionaire and they answer it on their blog and send it on. I'd always noticed other people answering tags on their blogs. Seemed so fun to have blogger friends! It's almost like its own little community. Sigh. [Cut to me alone in a cardboard box in a hay field with an etch-a-sketch, "blogging."]

Well anyway, then I looked at the date, and it seems Lang had posted this in JANUARY 06.

Clearly this questionnaire is now obsolete, and I will have to create my own.

Mike, Why don'tcha answer this one? And Lang, I'ma send this back to you. I'm also going to attempt to tag Becky Yamamoto. Let's hope it works.


1. Historical disaster you'd like to have perished in (e.g. vesuvius)
2. Who is the celebrity that you secretly believe you would be besties with if you ever met?
3. Complete this sentence: When I go to the bodega, I usually leave with __________.
4. Which Spice Girl are you?
5. Which Disney character are you?
6. T/F: I would vote for Oprah for President
7. T/F: I would vote for Ben Affleck for President
8. T/F: I would vote for Hugh Grant for Prime Minister of England
9. How do you feel about clowns/mimes?
10. Word(s) you are uncomfortable saying (e.g. "peen")
11. When I want to feel special, I wear my ________
12. Trait you inherited from a crotchety grandparent?
13. Which one of the people in each of the following pairs would you make out with?

a. Prince Harry v Prince William
b. Cisco Adler v Osama Bin Laden
c. Ruben Studdard v Ronald Reagan (alive)
d. Rachel Ray v Star Jones
e. Star Jones v Osama Bin Laden

14. If I were given a baby _______ (e.g. horse) , I would name it _______ (e.g. Heroin)

Have fun!


At 2:06 PM, Anonymous Justin said...

I did find it, me back! Also, come back.


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