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The sort of secret blog of Beans, a.k.a. Jules, a.k.a. "Legs for Miles" a.k.a. "Rackie the Boob Queen." Fine, ok, not the last two. Starting July 2006, sometimes "Mike," aka "fagadoccio," is a co-poster on the blog. The co-poster child, really.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

You know your pike is female when...'re cleaning it and you rip out the ovaries! HAHA! Am I wrong? Am I wrong, guys? C'mon, ladies, you hear me, right?

That's right, pike #2. This time we're going to Papa's garden for some fresh horseradish to make a horseradish cream sauce. She's a beaut.

When did I become a Bass Channel-watching, sweatpant wearing, bloodthirsty woodsman?


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