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Thursday, October 13, 2005

cold stone cold stone please deliver

It's not warm out.

It's not warm in my office.

It's not "that time of the month."

I didn't "excercise a lot yesterday or recently at all"

and frankly, my favorite dessert is Pickled Whitefish on Sauerkraut with Salty Pig Dick Tapenade. Of my teeth that remain after the erosion caused by Crest Whitestrips, not one is sweet.

But literally, if someone doesn't put a DISGUSTING COLD STONE SNOTDROOL CHOPPED GUMMY CHOCO GOOBERFECTION on my desk in 5, I might have to throw a stapler.

"Chop the oxycontin up smaller, Trainee, and make sure your smile says 'this rubbery tasteless crap is your manna, fatty'"


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