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Thursday, October 13, 2005

"I'd like 10 lbs of air and a bucket for my tears..."

Sometimes I listen to this anorexic girl accross the hallway order lunch. It is, in short, incredibly sad.

"One chop salad and can you make that with no dressing?....uh huh...aaaaaaaaaand do you have any fruit??....NO, I TAKE IT BACK, NO FRUIT!!! I dont want any fruit. Aaaaaaaaaand let's seeeee, how about a chocolate walnut brownie NONO NO BROWNIE NO BROWNIE no brownie.... Yeah, totally, thats it, thanks. No wait also a large coffee with six equals and a pack of extra spearmint chewing gum, a pack of newports and an empty suitcase and a billy club and a catheter. Yeah. thats it. [insert wearily articulated address]. Uh huh. Extension 34--"[deli guy hears pause, loud thump, dialtone]


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